The CFW-11 presents many innovations that are helpful and beneficial to customers, mainly due to the simplicity of its installation and operation. The CFW-11 was developed based on the Plug-and-Play philosophy allowing simple and fast installation of the inverter and its accessories.

The HMI has a navigation and programming system similar to mobile phones, with soft-key buttons. It’s possible to access the parameters sequentially or through groups of parameters. The HMI also makes the ‘Oriented Start-up’ function available, guiding the user through the necessary programming.

The CFW-11 adapts itself to the customer’s needs through a broad range of accessories, which are easily installed. Besides this, the product comes with the SoftPLC function that attributes PLC functions to the inverter, which allows the customer to create his/her own applications through the WLP.

Main Features

  • V / F (scalar), Sensor-less Vector Control and Closed Loop Vector Control
  • Sinusoidal PWM modulation - Space Vector Modulation
  • EMC filters (built-in)
  • Communication networks: CANopen, ProfiBus DP, DeviceNet, Devicenet Profile, Modbus RTU
  • PID Regulator
  • DSP Control
  • Serial and Remote HMI (optional)
  • Built-in Inductors in the link DC
  • USB Connection
  • On-line Monitoring
  • Trace function
  • PLC accessory - PLC 11-01 (Optional)
  • Flash Memory Module
  • Normal and Heavy Duty Applications