W21 General Purpose Motor

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W21 General Purpose Motor

The W21 range is suitable for all general purpose applications, vertically or horizontally mounted, efficiently driving any type of load, direct coupled (Standard) or pulley driven (upon request).


  • 0.18 to 250kW 415v/690V

  • Frames 63 to 355M/L

  • IP55 MEPS 2 compliant

  • WEG motors Australia
  • High torque, low starting current

  • Rated for continuous duty S1 at -20 to 45 degrees Celsius ambient

  • Rugged cast iron or light weight aluminum construction (to frame 132)
  • Cast iron fan cowl from frame 160

  • WEG Australia
  • Thermally protected (PTC) frame 160 and above

  • 1 year warranty