W22 Industrial Motor

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W22 Industrial Motor

The W22 high-efficiency industrial motor will drive down your energy bill and maintenance costs, providing you with reliable long life operation. It’s suitable for all industrial applications, vertically or horizontally mounted, for DOL or VSD use. Making it the perfect choice for places where noise levels need to be reduced without compromising on superior performance.

Main Features

  • 0.18 to 330kW 415v/690V

  • Frames 63 to 355M/L

  • IP66 High efficient E3 compliant

  • High Starting torque

  • WEG motors Australia
  • Low noise level

  • Rated for continuous duty S1 at -20 to 45 degrees Celsius ambient
  • Overload factor (SF) of 1.15 at 40 degrees Celsius ambient
  • WISE® insulation system for superior life

  • WEG Australia
  • High grade FC-200 cast iron construction

  • Cast iron fan cowl from frame 160
  • 3 year warranty