Workshop Equipment


Furnace Engineering VPI 260 Controlled Pyrolysis Burn-off Furnace*

Lexseco 2025E Core Loss Tester*

Samatic 2680 automatic coil winding machine with DC Wizz

Titan semi-automatic wet blast cabinet

Schenck CAB 708 3 tonne dynamic balancing machine certified ISO 1940/1*

Samatic SA6250R & SA15000P digital motor testers*

AEGIS Fluke 190-202 scope meter, for detecting real time shaft currents*

FAG Detector III*

SKF Easy-Laser E540 alignment tool*

Various Hi-pot, Milli-ohm*, AVO, Surge equipment, Thermal imaging camera

Various power supplies 0-415V 250 amps, 0-415V 1000 amps, 0-1000V 415 amps, 0-415V VVVF

Simatherm IH 090 Bearing Induction Heater

Large below ground varnish tank and fan forced baking oven

Filtered pressure sensitive spray booth

Dedicated motor test beds

Fully equipped machine shop with large lathes and drilling machines. Milling, steel cutting. Fabrication with MIG, TIG, ARC welding facilities. In-house machining and fabrication facilities.

* All the above devices come equipped with computer generated reporting.